August 2021: Progress update

We’ve made a great deal of progress over recent months, reaching some important milestones in the delivery of a new multi-species, livestock traceability service. For sheep, goats and deer, we are now testing the service that will replace ARAMS, working closely with software providers across the industry, looking at the data flows from software used by markets, abattoirs and farms as well as working through how the website runs. 

We’ve built and have begun testing a new application to replace the current ear tag services. Scoping, design and build work has continued on the transition of cattle from CTS to the new multi-species service. Alongside this, we’re in the discovery phase for the current pigs service as well as looking at how to remove paper from all current processes across all species.

We know that introducing a new website for sheep, goats and deer that will signal how the new multi-species service will look and feel is important as is the introduction of Electronic Identification (EID) for cattle as well as giving keepers the tools to report on a multi-species basis. We’ll continue to work with industry and government to improve our resilience and response to disease outbreaks and support industry to unlock more benefit from their data.

To strike a balance in our plans for the remainder of the year and protect future delivery of all these priorities, we’ll continue testing the newly developed services and look to fully launch these in Spring 2022.