As we continue to develop the functionality of the Livestock Information Service we will post updates on this page of current and upcoming releases.  Please check back here occasionally to make sure that you are up to date with our developments.

For all users

  • A movement which is a duplicate (has been reported by both holdings) can now be cancelled.

For government users of LIS data and analytics

We have updated the logic for deriving movement status. This is so that reports can show newly defined movement status associated with different movement types:

  • Where a movement was previously deemed an ‘incomplete duplicate’ this is now an ‘unconfirmed duplicate’
  • Where a movement was previously deemed a ‘complete duplicate’ this is now a ‘confirmed duplicate’

For all 

  • We have added more service support for managing cross border movements of livestock

For farmers 

  • We have added guidance for when holding searches return more than 50 results
  • The issue with reporting slaughter tag replacements is now fixed

For all

  • You can now search for CPH by holding name and address, when reporting a movement
  • We have now added help text when using non-EID (pre-2010) flock marks, in sheep movements

For farmers

  • A known issue is preventing reporting of replacement slaughter tags, this will be fixed in the next update

For deer keepers 

  • You will now be able to report deer movements by batch.

For all 

  • You will now be able to report sheep moves even if they have goat tags.
  • You can now report on animals with pre-2010 tags.

System update for minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.

  • When searching for a movement within a set of parameters, such as between dates, or perhaps a location the search results page has been updated to display all results (was previously only providing the first 50 records and was a little unclear).

  • Further accessibility changes have been made so that users can navigate within screens using the tab key.

For farmers/web users

  • Some of you have experienced issues when logging into LIS, as your web browser may have saved your username (your email address) incorporating asterisks. We have fixed this problem but should you experience this again, at any point please ensure that your username/email address is typed in fully before adding your password. You should then have the option to save this username and password for future sign in.

  • We have enhanced the accessibility of the LIS website, introducing additional guidance and tips and an improved view to help you navigate the site. 

For markets

  • You will now be able to report movements to your associated lairage.

  • You will now be able to report movements across two-days (if your market/processing paperwork runs after midnight into the next day). 

For abattoirs

  • You will now be able to include large numbers of animals in a movement review, previously giving an error 413 code.     

If you still experience any issues and error messages when carrying out any of these actions, please contact us