LUIS for tag suppliers

Information and background

Collaborating with ear tag manufacturers and suppliers, Livestock Information Ltd has developed the Livestock Unique Identification Service (LUIS).

LUIS replaced the existing Sheep and Goat Ear Tag Allocation System (S&GETAS) from 7th March 2022.  The new service is now being used by ear tag manufacturers and suppliers to order unique tag numbers initially for sheep and goats, and will incorporate cattle at a later stage.

Livestock needs to be officially identified by a unique number showing country of origin, flock and/or herd mark and location (holding number). This information is required by law and is vital to enable government and industry to react quickly and effectively in the event of a livestock disease outbreak. 

LUIS is only for use by approved tag manufacturers and suppliers.

You can find out more about becoming an approved tag supplier or manufacturer here

To find an approved tag supplier visit GOV.UK pages here    

Accessing LUIS

If you are an authorised tag supplier you can access the LUIS site below. If you do not have a registered account, your organisation has a ‘Super-User’ who can authorise access to LUIS, please contact them.

For LUIS support information, please click here