The Livestock Information Programme completed its initial multispecies phase of the programme in September 2020, with the core traceability system fully built with cattle and sheep functionality. Work continues to develop and test the service, starting with sheep.

In the future, if you are a keeper of more than one species, you will only need to use one traceability service. The Livestock information Service will give you a much more joined up experience – with lots of common processes, features, look and feel. For example, for cattle and sheep, you should look forward to an online experience that makes reporting easier for you. You will be able to select individual animals from drop down lists that can be filtered and sorted, import lists from farm software or from spreadsheets. This will all be integrated with the new Livestock Information Service ear tag allocation system and holding data, meaning that you won’t be able to insert incorrect data.

In all, the new service will improve traceability, which is good for you, your business and your sector.