Our Ambition

Is to be a vital component in animal disease management and control, allowing the UK government to meet its statutory and international obligations.

The Livestock Information Service will replace the three current traceability services for cattle (BCMS), sheep, goats and deer (ARAMS), and pigs (eAML2).

Our aim is to make life easier for farmers, producers, abattoirs and anyone who needs to record livestock births, deaths and movements, using one, simple service for all species.

We’ll provide opportunities for more information to be made available to the agriculture industry, promoting greater efficiency and productivity.

And, we’ll yield wider economic benefits by facilitating access to export markets.

We’ll deliver a trade advantage, making us more resilient and responsive to animal disease and will help drive innovation, interoperability and productivity improvements throughout the meat and livestock sectors.

Our ambition is to create numerous outputs, benefits and outcomes, as summarised below:

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