Our Ambition

The Livestock Information Service will:

  • Be a key component in animal disease management and control, allowing the UK government to meet its statutory and international obligations
  • Provide opportunities for more information to be made available to the agriculture industry, promoting greater efficiency and productivity
  • Yield wider economic benefits by facilitating access to export markets

This simple animation sets out our outputs, benefits and outcomes and the relationship between themĀ 

The Livestock Information Service will deliver a trade advantage, make us more resilient and responsive to animal disease and will help drive innovation, interoperability and productivity improvements throughout the meat and livestock sectors.

The Livestock Information Service is being built for the English livestock sector. Livestock Information Ltd and Defra are working closely with colleagues in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to ensure that LIS works across borders and that data is shared appropriately. All parties are working hard to preserve UK integrity, whilst respecting devolution.

To find out more about our ambition, click on the video below: