Programme, Governance & Funding

Government and industry are working together to achieve our goal in a model of collaboration which sets the standard for future industry projects.

  • To that end Livestock Information Ltd has been established- a really big step in the commitment to the Livestock information Programme – an enabler of a data driven livestock sector
  • This new company is a subsidiary of AHDB, with direct ownership from Defra
  • Wider industry (through the Traceability Design User Group) has a seat on the board with equal voting rights to either AHDB or Defra
  • The company was established on the 1st October 2019, with an exclusive remit to deliver the Livestock Information Service and set up to deliver further value through livestock traceability over time


Annual Report and Accounts

5th November 2020

Livestock Information Ltd. audited annual report and accounts have now been filed at Companies House.