For farmers

For general information and background on the move from ARAMS to LIS , click here

There is no change for farmers if you currently report sheep, goat and deer movements using paper: 

  • Please use the paper movement form  LIS-1 to notify sheep and goats
  • Please use the paper movement form LIS-2 to notify deer 
  • If you need to add additional animals, please use LIS-S

For farmers who previously used ARAMS you will now need to use LIS.

You must create an account to sign into the new service and start reporting. It’s quick and easy to do using your active CPH number (County Parish Holding).    

  • To create your LIS account now, or sign in, please click here
  • You can find out how to create an account with LIS here
  • To contact us for help or support, please click here

For farmers who use 3rd party software packages to report movements 

We have been working closely with farm management software providers, and most have made changes to their software to make sure it continues to work with LIS.

It is advisable that you check with your software provider that you have installed necessary software updates from them, so you can continue to report sheep movements.  You will also need to create an account on LIS.  You should contact your software provider if you have any technical problems or questions.

You will need to be a registered keeper of livestock before you can use the Livestock Information Service. More information on registering as a keeper can be found on the GOV.UK website hereFor information on your legal obligations for reporting sheep, goat and deer movements visit the GOV.UK website here