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Recording Livestock Movements

The Livestock Information Service (LIS) provides a single digital location to connect all of the supply chain for recording sheep, goat and deer movements in England. LIS continues to support paper movements and software integration used by markets, abattoirs, and some farmers.

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Key features of the platform:

Ability to aggregate data from multiple sources, such as farm management systems, veterinary records, and slaughterhouse data.

Incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, which will enable it to provide more accurate and timely information to users.

Provide a free, user friendly online holding register replacing the need for a paper version.

Opportunities for improving productivity and profitability for farmers.

Enhanced traceability and transparency in the supply chain.

Improved disease surveillance and control.

Things you need to know:
  • The law and guidance around sheep ID, record-keeping and movement reporting has not changed. For more information visit the GOV.UK pages
  • If you were previously using the ARAMS website, you now need to create an account with LIS or use the paper movement forms using the links below on the page
  • Markets must continue to report movements onto their premises and off their premises digitally
  • Abattoirs will still be required to confirm movements onto their premises digitally
  • If you report using farm management software, you will need to create a new account with LIS and continue using your software as before
Using paper

From November 2023, the LIS-1 (Sheep & Goat), LIS-2 (Deer) and LIS-S (Supplementary) movement forms have been updated to include areas to record the Vet Attestation Number (VAN).


You should use these updated forms, instead of any previous versions that you may have. For those filling in the form digitally, please disregard the instructions about completing the forms manually.


Please use the paper movement form LIS-1 to notify sheep and goats:

Download LIS-1 >

Please use the paper movement form LIS-2 to notify deer:

Download LIS-2 >

If you need to add additional animals, please use LIS-S:

Download LIS-S >

Further information on how this impacts you or how to navigate the service, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).